Kickin' Chicken's wings and Bobby fries will return downtown this summer | Photo via Instagram

Kickin’ Chicken recently closed its James Island location after 18 years on Folly Road, but ownership is close to opening a fifth location and could return to James Island in the future.

“With the conclusion of a long-term lease, as well as shifting population and development patterns, the ownership is actively searching for a new location in the nearby area,” owners Chip Roberts and Bobby Kelly said in a press release. “Actively working with our staff to relocate them to our other locations is of the utmost importance to us.” 

Owners say Kickin Chicken’s new downtown location will have indoor-outdoor bar areas with roll-up doors similar to its Mount Pleasant restaurant | Photo via Kickin’ Chicken Instagram

The restaurant group now operates four area locations — Mount Pleasant, West Ashley and two in Summerville — with one on the way downtown at 45 Romney St. in July, Roberts confirmed to the City Paper.

The newest Kickin’ Chicken will be located in the same complex as Crust Wood Fired Pizza’s third location and is “tentatively scheduled” to open in late July or early August.

“The new location will feature an open bar concept with garage doors like the Mount Pleasant and Dorchester Road locations,” Roberts said. “The location is literally a stone’s throw away from our first location on Morrison Drive. That location launched our company’s beginnings in 1997. The area has changed significantly since then, but we feel like the growth and development is a great spot for our new downtown location. We very much look forward to being a part of the neighborhood once again as we get back to our roots.” 

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