Butcher & Bee and The Daily are celebrating heirloom tomato season by partnering with Duke’s Mayonnaise to create a series of specialty dishes that pair local tomatoes and Duke’s. Four new items appeared on the menu starting July 5 at Butcher & Bee and one at The Daily during lunch and brunch. 

Butcher & Bee will serve a BeeLT made using Kindlewood Farms tomatoes and Benton’s bacon, and at brunch, the Morrison Drive restaurant will offer a tomato pie as part of the collaboration. Some of the dishes, like the BeeLT and Butcher & Bee’s CrabbyLT, will utilize new Duke’s products, including bacon tomato, habanero garlic and cucumber dill flavored mayos, among others.  

The BeeLT is made using Duke’s bacon and tomato flavored mayo | Provided

“Duke’s is excited to partner with the Butcher & Bee group to celebrate these regional flavors,” Duke’s brand manager Rebecca Lupesco said in a press release. “This series will allow diners to try existing and new Duke’s products as they taste best, chef-curated and paired with local produce.” 

Duke’s was founded in Greenville, S.C., in 1917, and its flagship mayonnaise is still made according to founder Eugenia Duke’s original recipe. Custom t-shirts have been made for the collaboration, with proceeds benefiting the Pay It Forward nonprofit started by Butcher & Bee owner Michael Shemtov. 

Check out the new menu items, which will be available through the end of July, here

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