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North Central eatery The Park Cafe will temporarily close July 12 before reopening as Park & Grove Wed., August 4. Moving forward, the restaurant will focus primarily on dinner, and its menu will “move with the seasons, with dishes and cocktails that reflect the abundance from local fields, farms and waters,” a press release said.

“Restaurants are living, breathing entities that need to grow and the pandemic helped shed light on our team’s hopes and aspirations for future evolution,” owner Karalee Nielsen Fallert said in the release, adding that guests “can expect the same convivial atmosphere, sense of community and amazing food that they have come to know and love at The Park Cafe.”

Park & Grove is located at the corner of Rutledge Avenue and Grove Street | Park Cafe Instagram

Chef Ramon Taimanglo will lead the menu change as executive chef, and Samson Kohanski will continue to serve as general manager, after joining The Park Cafe in May.

Look for dinner dishes like house-made bucatini with pesto and pork jowl, grilled hanger steak and braised beef short ribs at Park & Grove. The space will undergo minor updates during its 15-day closure.

Once open, Park & Grove will serve lunch and dinner Tuesday-Saturday, and weekend brunch will be available Saturday from 9 a.m.-2:30 p.m.

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