Charleston Place opened downtown in 1986 | Flickr user bigmacsc99

The landmark Charleston Place hotel will be sold to the family company of local billionaire businessman Ben Navarro, the Charleston City Paper confirmed Thursday. Beemok Capital, the company that handles Navarro family investments, said in a press release Thursday it has a “definitive agreement” to acquire the hotel from international hotelier Belmond. More: Charleston City Paper, Post and Courier

In other local headlines that may be of interest:

State lawmakers to visit to talk, listen on redistricting.  House and Senate committee members will each visit once over the next six weeks to hear from voters as they prepare to redraw political districts in every corner of South Carolina.  Updated data from the 2020 census is expected to be delivered to state leaders by mid-August, with new population figures impacting where district lines will fall until the next census in 2030. More: Charleston City Paper

Company with obscene name gets federal loan. This story has local prim and proper tongues wagging. More: Post and Courier

Columbia senator sues after state attorney general’s anti-mask mandate.  S.C. Sen. Dick Harpootlian, D-Columbia, has asked the state Supreme Court for a ruling on whether public colleges can require masks for unvaccinated students on campus after a letter by the S.C. Attorney General Alan Wilson. More: WIS 10 News, Post and Courier

Tropical weather pattern brewing.  There’s a 60 percent chance of a tropical wave off the African coast developing into a tropical depression that may influence weather here, the National Hurricane Center says. More: Live 5 News

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