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Charleston City Council will have two new members in the coming weeks, with Stephen Bowden and Caroline Parker unseating first-term incumbents Tuesday night.

City Councilman Harry Griffin lost reelection Tuesday night in the West Ashley district he’s represented since 2017.

Griffin conceded around 7:30 p.m. on Facebook to challenger Stephen Bowden, a county public defender, wishing the councilman-elect good luck and thanking supporters.

“Thank you, District 10, for giving me the greatest honor of my young life. It has been a pleasure serving you these past four years,” Griffin wrote on Facebook. “Congratulations to Stephen Bowden and best of luck.”

On his campaign page, Bowden wrote, “This is a great day for District 10.”

With all precincts reporting, Bowden appears to have trounced Griffin in the low-turnout election, earning 934 of 1,514 votes cast — 61.7% of the vote.

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Griffin’s single term on council was marked by flirtations with a 2018 run for mayor and not running for reelection, though he wound up filing for office this year.

With all precincts reporting on James Island, Councilwoman Carol Jackson trailed challenger Caroline Parker by more than 120 votes. Jackson is also finishing her first term on council.

“Thank you, James Island,” Parker wrote on Facebook. “I am beyond humbled and honored to have earned your support and to be able to serve you on Charleston City Council … James Island will be my priority!”

Downtown, longtime Councilman Robert Mitchell appeared to have won reelection against retired marine engineer Tim Weber. With 11 of 12 precincts reported, Mitchell led Weber by 53%.

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