In an effort to support South Carolina art in its many forms, The Grilled Cheese Show and Lush Artist Group have joined forces with Purple Buffalo to present a lineup of local and regional experimental hip-hop artists for Abridged Festival on Nov. 20 at 6 p.m.

“We curated this [festival] to put a spotlight on local vendors, brands and musicians we feel are underrated or unappreciated in the Lowcountry and surrounding areas,” said Atlanta-based musician Lush_Carter, founder of Lush Artist Group, a media consultant and production company. 

Festival attendees can see performances from Lil Xelly, Lil Turbo, Masuta, Micah G, Yng Mattress, Bushido Boyz, Lush_Carter, Semkari and DJ DollaMenu with sounds by DJ Currysauce. 

Food vendors include Riptide Coffee, Zest Lemon Drop, Caribbean Creole, Whoo Dat Gourmet Hotdogs and Booze Pops. 

Browse apparel from Trap Bunkin, Threadville and Slik Trik Clothing.  

Tickets are $20 at the door or $12 pre-sale.

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