Head to Butcher & Bee to try the Cheerwine Fruitcake | Cheerwine Website

Cheerwine is partnering with 18 mixologists, chefs and bakers throughout the Carolinas, including four in Charleston.

To celebrate the annual release of the North Carolina-based beverage’s Holiday Punch, Cheerwine has tapped the talents of Cynthia Wong of Life Raft Treats, Jessica Olin of Butcher & Bee, Laura Costa of Lenoir and James Bolt of The Gin Joint to create new drinks and desserts.

Wong and Olin were challenged to use Cheerwine or Cheerwine syrup to create, while Costa and Bolt used Holiday Punch to create a sweet cocktail.

Each creation can be found online to be made at home:

Cheerwine Monkey Bread (made by Wong)
Cheerwine Fruitcake (made by Olin)
Christmas Gift! (created by Costa)
Cheer of the Century (created by Bolt)

If you don’t have the time or skills to make it at home, stop by Butcher & Bee for a chance to try Olin’s Cheerwine Fruitcake or The Gin Joint for a taste of Bolt’s Cheer of the Century.

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