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Realistic Steps

Re: Let’s get to work, America

Practical, hands-on ways to build back a sense of community. We read so many articles about the need to strengthen democracy, yet few have laid out concrete, realistic steps to strengthen our sense of community and shared ideals. Turning off the tv, taking a break from social media, and engaging with the people next door and down the street are practical and vital steps to walk back toward a strong, united country. Thanks, City Paper!

Ellen Harley

Modest Proposal on Abortion

Re: GOP must be smoking weed on abortion bills

I concur wholeheartedly with Andy’s column on abortion.  Perhaps some women legislators should introduce a bill to force the removal of any penis that introduces sperm into a woman outside of a marriage!  That may curb the need for many abortions.
Best regards and keep up the honest reporting.

Andrew White
Mount Pleasant

Cars and People Together

Re: Find a way to make parklets work in Charleston

When the spring promotion is 5K for dogs and people, that should inform us we need a better way than driving around in steel boxes.

New York City is a walking city partly because congested traffic moves at 3-5 mph, on-street parking is unavailable, garage parking costs the same as a good Charleston dinner and walking is an exercise that does not require the usual paraphernalia and purchases.

The peninsula and West Ashley are small enough for the city planners, business districts and commercial clusters to develop marked ways for residents and visitors to walk through the places that feature parklets as part of the street infrastructure. In time, segments become organized whole as what is underlying getting more extensive bicycle travel into our communities.

Probably need some vehicle assistance for greater point-to-point travel. Parklets could be a nice feature to the walk-through that needs to be the larger mapped walking focus. Even if it is a weekend configuration of the streetscape where walking on weekends is what we do. Weekdays we do crazy.

Thanks for the efforts to find interesting stuff to talk about.

Fred Palm
Edisto Beach

Billionaire’s Tax

Here’s how he avoids paying income: The billionaire borrows millions, even billions, from banks, using his multibillion stock holdings as collateral. The multi-billion loan is not a tax event.

He can go for three or four years paying no income tax as he spends the billions he borrowed. When the loan comes due, he pays 3-4% in interest and when he pays the loan back by selling stock, taxed at 15%, he ends up averaging 6-7% income tax per year while the average American pays 25-35% plus state tax.

Republicans and also some Democrats have set up a government where the richest people on the planet pay the least taxes. America is corrupt, all at the expense of the average American. Things have to change. We must stop electing crooks who serve only billionaires and white supremacists.

Gary Ling
North Charleston

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