Riverfront Park is located on the Cooper River in North Charleston | City of North Charleston photo

Local nonprofit engineering organization Water Mission is hosting the 16th Annual Walk for Water this Saturday to raise awareness about the global water crisis which leaves more than 2.2 billion people across the globe without access to safe, clean water. 

The water crisis is not only a modern issue, but a historical one, rooted in injustice throughout the history of societies around the world. Today, women and children may walk more than three miles a day to retrieve water for families — water that is often unsafe to drink. 

“I’m driven by a deep sense of compassion for those who lack this most basic resource for survival — clean water,” 10-year Walk for Water team captain Linda Karges-Bone said in a press release. “I’ve devoted much of my life as a teacher and professor to addressing issues surrounding literacy, but the global water crisis predates literacy issues in scope and intention. If we want girls to be educated — and we know that the education of girls is the key to breaking cycles of poverty and injustice — then everyone must have access to water and sanitation.”

This year’s walk will start at 9 a.m., March 26, at Riverfront Park in North Charleston. The cost for participation is $25 for adults, $10 for children. Children 4 and under can walk for free. Proceeds will help Water Mission provide accessible, safe water solutions for communities in need around the world.

Online registration is now open at charlestonwalk.org. Participants can sign up individually, join an existing team or start their own group. To learn more about Water Mission’s urgent Ukraine response mission visit: https://watermission.org

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