Piccolo Spoleto will wrap up its six-part Palmetto State Arts Education (PSAE) 2022 Rising Stars series June 11 with a pair of performances. Each of the six Rising Stars events includes local musicians, artists and actors ranging in age from 9 to 18. They will once again be held at St. Matthew’s Lutheran Church, and tickets are $10

The first June 11 performance, at 11 a.m., will highlight the seven-member Fine Arts Center Jazz Ensemble, visual artists Dorothea Volaro and Abigail Short, double bassist Elias Workman and guitarist Ashwin Ashok. And the 3 p.m. performance will feature visual artists Reese Baltgalvis and Evelyn Bueschgen, sisters Pearl and Cecily Wright on cello and violin, soprano Caroline Dill, actress Jasmine Council and the five-member Fine Arts Center Jazz All Stars. 

PSAE is an organization dedicated to the promotion and growth of the arts around the state through education. Students work with professionals in the field to aid in their studies. In conjunction with Piccolo Spoleto, students can showcase the fruits of their labor here in Charleston. 

Nat Bono  is a graduate student in the Goldring Arts Journalism and Communications Program at Syracuse University.

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