Charleston’s synthwave beast Doom Flamingo will return to The Windjammer June 30 | Photo by Paul Chelmis

Charleston synthwave supergroup Doom Flamingo released a new electro-pop single “Happy Boi” June 23 along with a new music video. 

The band will return to the outdoor beach stage at The Windjammer on Isle of Palms for a 7 p.m. performance on June 30. 

YouTube video

The future-synth soaked track, “Happy Boi,” clocks in at over just two minutes and its music video unfolds a humorous depiction of an overly zealous middle-aged troublemaker who ends up foiled by a group of kids at the arcade. 

Doom Flamingo frontwoman Kanika Moore contributed the story for the music video. Human Resources keyboardist Paul Chelmis edited and directed the video and former Susto guitarist Dries Vandenberg did the cinematography.

$35 tickets are available at

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