When I’m first introduced to fellow Charlestonians as “the City Paper cartoonist,” the reaction I most often get is, “Wait, you draw Blotter? I love Blotter!” And while I enjoy illustrating our endless supply of drunks and petty thieves on a weekly basis, getting to vent about hot-button topics and political hypocrisy in my eponymous political cartoon — for the past 18(!) of the City Paper’s 25 years — has been the real honor.

Each time I sit down at the drawing board, my goal is to create a cartoon that makes the reader think, if even for a second. That said, if I manage to elicit any response — a head nod, a begrudging chuckle, an angry Facebook post — I take that as a win. So in celebration of the City Paper keeping me around this long, enjoy this sampling of cartoons that “won” by doing just that over the years. —Steve Stegelin

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