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South Carolinians reportedly have a good chance to see the popular Perseid meteor shower on its peak days, Thursday and Friday.  

The best time to see the falling debris from a passing comet is in the pre-dawn hours on Thursday and Friday.  Scientists say to look in a northerly direction for the shooting stars.  Viewers can hope to see 50 to 100 meteors per hour, according to this story.

“Go to the darkest possible location with little to no artificial light, bring a lounge chair and lean back,” according to The State. “Telescopes and binoculars are not needed. Instead, you just need some patience — wait about 30 minutes or so — for your eyes to adjust to the dark.”

In other headlines:

Graham, Republicans react to raid on Trump’s home. U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., said an FBI raid this week on the home of former President Donald Trump would fuel a bid to reclaim the White House. He said he thought Trump would run in 2024, in part because of the raid. Other Republicans jumped to Trump’s defense. The FBI reportedly took a dozen boxes from Trump’s home.

Biden to nominate state judge to key federal appellate judgeship. President Biden is expected to fill a vacant seat on the 4th U.S. Court of Appeals by nominating S.C. Circuit Judge DeAndrea Gist Benjamin, wife of former Columbia Mayor Steve Benjamin. Judge Benjamin has sat on the state bench since 2011. In 2021, she ran and lost for a seat on the state Court of Appeals in what was considered a partisan race.

Charleston to update late-night ordinances. The city is looking at updating its late-night bar ordinance to make it easier for some and tougher for others to do business after midnight. Meanwhile, the city and the Dewberry hotel have settled a long fight over a rooftop bar.

Covid cases drop slightly in S.C. While the state had 15,811 new cases and seven deaths from Covid in the week ending Aug. 6, that’s 844 fewer cases than the week before, state health officials said.

Thousands of students to return to Lowcountry schools. An overview of what’s ahead this month as elementary, secondary and college students return to Lowcountry classrooms. Inside is a look at the number of students, shortages and more. Meanwhile, the county’s superintendent won’t reinstate his chief of staff.

Charlestonians struggle to find affordable rent. A look at the rent crisis in Charleston faced by working families who can’t find an affordable home.

Berkeley voters to have 1% sales tax referendum on ballot. Voters will be able to decide if they want to raise sales taxes to pay for school improvement projects.

Richland sheriff says training helped thwart ambush. Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott said an ambush of deputies Aug. 3 was stopped because they followed training and got out of a firing zone. One deputy was hurt when 16 rounds were fired by a man with a hand-drawn map that had the words “dead pigs” on it.

Charleston jail offers education to detainees with delays. Charleston County’s sheriff has started an education program at the jail for those who face long delays for their cases to be heard due to the pandemic and a backlog.

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