| Credit: Andy Brack, Charleston City Paper

This week’s new mystery photo shows a building under construction that is soon to be completed, albeit several years behind the original schedule. What is it and, for bonus points, tell us how much it is late and why. We’ll forward some City Paper swag to the 7th person who correctly answers the questions and identifies this week’s mystery photo. To enter (one entry per person), send your guess, name and hometown in an email to: mystery@charlestoncitypaper.com.

City Paper photo by Ruta Smith. | Credit: Ruta Smith, Charleston City Paper

LAST WEEK’S MYSTERY, “Green and gray” is a parking garage in Charleston. Many guessers got that right. But only a few got the location correct. It’s the garage along Ann Street behind the Charleston School of Law and across the street from the Charleston Visitor Center. Congratulations to this week’s sleuths who correctly identified the photo, including Helen Thompson.

Every Monday, the City Paper offers a mystery photo taken somewhere in the Lowcountry. We encourage you to guess — and make sure to share your name and the town in which you live. We’ll uncover the mystery the following week and, every now and then, give a small prize.

BONUS: If you want to submit a mystery photo taken by you for us to share, send it to our mystery email address. Make sure to put “Submission” in the subject line.

PAST MYSTERIES: While the guessing time on these mysteries is over, you might like seeing some old mystery photos that readers have puzzled over. Enjoy!

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