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Using a firing squad or electric chair for executions in South Carolina are unconstitutional, Circuit Judge Jocelyn Newman ruled Tuesday in a case brought by four death row inmates. The case is likely to be appealed by the state quickly.

The judge wrote, “In 2021, South Carolina turned back the clock and became the only state in the country in which a person may be forced into the electric chair if he refuses to elect how he will die. In doing so, the General Assembly ignored advances in scientific research and evolving standards of humanity and decency.”

In other headlines:

Rape, incest exceptions removed from S.C. abortion bill. A state Senate Committee on Tuesday removed rape and incest exceptions inserted into a near total abortion ban last week passed by the House, which was only able to muster support for the measure by adding exceptions. The full Senate today is to take up the bill.

2022: Small business becomes issue in governor’s race. S.C. Gov. Henry McMaster picked up the endorsement of the National Federation of Independent Business and its 4,000 S.C. members, but Democratic challenger Joe Cunningham’s campaign blasted the governor for being bad for business.

Mount Pleasant neighbors worried by $150 million interchange plan. Neighbors say a plan to upgrade a busy intersection near the State Ports Authority will cause major disruptions.

GUN VIOLENCE: Double shooting at DMV office in Ladson. Deputies say no arrest has been made yet in a Tuesday double shooting at the Ladson Department of Motor Vehicles office.  Also in the news: Charleston officials consider post-shooting ordinance changes.

Charleston’s Terrace Theater celebrates 25th anniversary. The owner of Charleston’s oldest independent theater reflects on movies over the last 25 years.  Also: Two other Charleston theaters celebrate milestones.  

Historic Charleston home to become CofC student center. A gift from an alum is funding the renovation of an historic home into a career center.

Charleston Co. students can use student ID as library card. Here’s an easier way to check out books in Charleston County.

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