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Two-term Democratic S.C. Rep. Krystle Matthews of Ladson, who is facing calls to withdraw from a bid challenging GOP U.S. Sen. Tim Scott over remarks described as disparaging, says she won’t step away after a leaked recording by a conservative activist group.

“I have no biases toward a certain ethnic group,” Matthews said recently. “I expressed my disgust for Black legislators who exhibit the same hypocrisy as MAGA Republicans. This is why I am challenging MAGA’s favorite Black legislator, Tim Scott.”

Scott, who has millions of dollars of campaign cash in the bank, said Friday that he thought Matthews should apologize, not step away from the race. Meanwhile Sunday, Scott told national reporters that he was excited about GOP Senate candidates across the country as national leaders try to reboot expectations following recent Democratic surges.

In other headlines:

Biden honors victims of 9/11 tragedy from 21 years ago. President Biden spoke about “the precious lives stolen from us” on the anniversary of the Sept. 11 tragedy. Meanwhile, South Carolina remembered, too.

Charleston Hope Summit seeks to inspire climate action. Conservationists will meet Sept. 24 in Charleston for a Hope Summit on climate.

Charleston apartment complex fetches huge price: $88 million. It’s one of the biggest deals in the city’s commercial history. In related news, Charleston rents are up 18% in the last year. 

Cunningham campaigns to woo NASCAR voters. Democratic gubernatorial hopeful Joe Cunningham recently campaigned at Darlington raceway for votes.

Former Poet Laureate Collins to speak Thursday in N. Charleston.  Billy Collins, a nationally-recognized poet, will speak in North Charleston at the Bonds-Wilson campus. 

MUSC breaks ground on new Kiawah, Seabrook clinic. The new facility will have an emergency room and several medical specialties.

How American children became less poor. A look at a 59% decrease in child poverty since the 1990s … and how government intervention helped.

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