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Thank you for reminding us about unions’ importance

Re: Thank American unions for Monday holiday

To the editor:

I want to thank the City Paper for reminding that our Labor Day holiday was because of unions. 

I would like to touch on some of the so-called negatives that people have about unions. One was union dues. I have been a union member for over 30 years, and I look at my union dues as an investment and I think my financial advisor would agree. Yes, there are cases of corruption in unions just like there is corruption in the police, churches, basically anything that involves human beings, but most labor leaders are dedicated to making the lives of working people better. 

In South Carolina, a state with “at will employment,” there is no due process unless you have a union contract. My union dues are worth every penny.

– Erin McKee, Mount Pleasant

Roads will continue to deteriorate with climate change

Re: Our roads suck

To the editor:

The Carbin app empowers the citizen to confirm what we know. Breaking down the data points by the neighborhood’s racial composition and flood frequency would also be revealing. Meanwhile, our local governments ignore what we feel in our backs and wallets. Guess they don’t want to raise taxes or maybe spend them equitably.

The Lowcountry is at the beginning of the acceleration. Without adapting to this climate change, many more local roads will deteriorate in the increasing soggy soil. More water must be assumed and expressed in the new or replacement specifications.

Our housing shifts in the wet soil similar to the roads. A bonanza for the foundation repair business. They would track the soil moisture observations if the foundation repairs data were analyzed. The same foundation depth and footing widths are applied to the wet or less wet soil conditions. Is there an app for this?

Another reason to establish a county climate action committee.

– Fred Palm, Edisto Island

Blotter post was irresponsible

To the editor:

Last week, the Charleston City Paper ran a Blotter about a West Ashley man who called the police and asked if he would face charges in every municipality if he dismembered his neighbor’s body and distributed her parts all over South Carolina. This blotter was accompanied by a “humorous” cartoon and a quip about how the man was not apprehended for his threat. … I’m disgusted, despondent and disheartened to see serious threats reduced to a fun tidbit to brighten up your pages.

Women are under attack in America, and our right to live and thrive is being threatened not just by individuals but also a government that refuses to protect women! South Carolina’s own Lindsay Graham just introduced a federal ban on abortion, despite his supposed adherence to “states’ rights.”  How did we reach a point where women are persecuted for their healthcare decisions, while men face zero consequences for their abusive and antisocial actions?  All Americans should be offended when violence against women is turned into a punchline.  She deserves better! Readers deserve better.

– Courtney Jennings, hometown withheld upon request.

Keep up the good work

To the editor:

Thanks for keeping good information out there!

I was a visitor/college mom to your city last August and was heartened by your local information that was timely, relevant and thoughtfully expressed.  It was the Pat Conroy cover [issue]. 

Keep up the good work!

– Rebecca Plaza, Evanston, Illinois

Apologies to Charlie Daniels

To the editor:

Graham Went Down to Georgia,
He was looking for some votes to steal. Trump was in a bind and way behind
So he was looking to make a deal.
When he came across Brad Raffensperger counting from a ballot box,
Lindsay knew Trump needed a bump
And said,”Boy let me tell you what.
Now you count pretty good ballots, Son,
But I don’t think you’re through.
I’ll bet Republican control against your soul
Cuz I think I know better than you.”

– J.B. West, Mount Pleasant

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