[image-2]After three months of speculation, Chef Robert Carter — the former Executive Chef of Rutledge Cab Co. and award-winning chef of Peninsula Grill — has revealed to City Paper his next move. Carter will be taking over the Renaissance Charleston Historic District Hotel’s Wentworth Grill restaurant (68 Wentworth St.) and reopening the space as Barony Tavern.

“We’ll be doing upscale American fare,” says Carter. “That will include breakfast, lunch, dinner, room service, and private dining.”

Carter says Barony Tavern has been in the works for some time and will be his first entirely solo venture. “I’ll be the executive chef and owner,” the chef says.

Carter is using the tagline “Southern inspired, simply prepared, graciously served” to describe the new restaurant, and adds, “a barony is a collection of properties that create an estate and Barony Tavern is a collection of my experiences.” 

That collection will need to be curated lickety-split though as Carter plans to remodel and reopen the space as Barony Tavern by February 25.