[image-1]Last week a Fitsnews story alleged that Southern Charm co-producer Bryan Kestner’s French/Mexican fusion restaurant Generalísimo’s delayed opening was due to the restaurateur’s 2013 cocaine charge.

According to the police incident report, on Oct. 26, 2013 Kestner was apprehended “in the area of Coming St. near Bull” and found to be carrying cocaine in his front jacket pocket. Kestner was charged with possession of cocaine. According to Kestner’s attorney Bentley Price, on November 14, 2014 Kestner pled guilty to possession of drug paraphernalia and the cocaine arrest was dismissed.

However, Kestner says that the entire cocaine incident was a case of a costume gone awry and has nothing to do with the restaurant’s opening originally projected for this past spring. According to Kestner, he borrowed a jacket from a friend who had rented it for a Halloween party and had no idea there was cocaine in the pocket. Kestner says police stopped him because he’d gone behind a dumpster to pee. “I got a drug test and it was negative,” Kestner adds.

As for Generalísimo, Kestner says his investors were well aware of the charge and that the restaurant construction continues. “We’re moving along as fast as we can,” he says. Kestner hopes to have Generalísimo open by the end of the year. “At this pace, we’ll be able to do it.”