MUSC says it saw increases in kids admitted for COVID-19 in August and September | Credit: MUSC Facebook

Omicron now dominant variant with 60% of new infections

New data from the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) shows the omicron variant is now the dominant strain of the coronavirus found in their sequencing of COVID cases.

MUSC scientists’ most recent sequencing run showed omicron accounts for more than 60% of COVID-19 cases examined, an increase from 11% of all cases the week before, and from only 3% the week before that.

At the same time, cases are skyrocketing once more, with new single-day cases in S.C. reaching peaks not seen since September, and seven-day averages in the U.S. are breaking records set in January.

Latest COVID-19 data

South Carolina health officials reported 5,911 total cases of COVID-19 Dec. 30, with 3,354 confirmed. A total of 10 new deaths, with one confirmed, were also reported.

With 22,116 tests reported Wednesday, 20.5% were confirmed positive.

Percentage of S.C. residents age 12+ with at least one vaccine: 65%
Percentage of of S.C. residents age 12+ who have completed vaccination: 56.2%
Percentage of S.C. residents age 5-11 with at least one vaccine: 12%
Percentage of S.C. residents age 5-11 who have completed vaccination: 7.1%