[image-1]If you’ve grown tired of the lack of summertime punk festivals, Park Circle venue Deja Vu II will satisfy all of those rock ‘n’ roll needs at this year’s We Wanna Be Sedated! festival.

“California, skate park, you’re in high school, you’re on summer break, and you’re listening to punk rock and skating in the sun,” event organizer Will Moore says as he describes the atmosphere and inspiration behind the festival he hopes will be the first of many.

Moore has brought in an array of punk rock and alternative bands to fill the day with every kind of sound imaginable. These 11 local acts have everything and nothing in common. The music stems anywhere from Modern Fires, the Municipators, and Anergy’s what-you-know-and-love punk, to Turbo Gatto’s cat rock (that’s right, it’s rock about cats,), and Sex Wax’s ska-punk fusion.

Hubris will showcase their blending of soulful lyrics and heavy guitars that never leave a listener unsatisfied, and Hearts on Fire has a booze-fueled sound that will certainly please any post-punk aficionado.

[image-4]Attitude and lovability collide in Cherry Icee’s cute take on grunge. And what would any rock festival be without some horror? Thankfully, Monsters from Outer Space will be onstage, coalescing all-things terror with all-things punk.

[image-2]Anyone not too keen on the in-your-face music can drop in and see the indie acts of Dylan Swinson and Erin Johns. Johns will relieve the pressure with her acoustic blues blend, as will Swinson, with his singer-songwriter sound.

This festival is unlike most, however: “There’s no headliner,” Moore says, “It’s not about that, it’s about … everybody coming out and hanging out.”

The festival hails itself on being a unification project at the most fitting venue. Deja Vu II is an LGBTQ+ bar and nightclub, which is perfect to host any festival during pride month. The owner, Rita Taylor, is known for her activism in the LGBTQ+ community, and Moore describes her as giving off an attitude of “I’m just here to help, I’m just here to be a good person.”

Taylor’s involvement in the community made the choice easy when it came to selecting the location. “You don’t run across that a lot … it really pulled my heartstrings,” Moore says.

We Wanna Be Sedated! is set to take place on Sat. June 17, beginning at 3:30 p.m. and tickets are only five dollars.