“Noble causes alone don’t make a restaurant great. In this case it’s the fact that Brock is a helluva cook.”

So says Bon Appetit restaurant editor Andrew Knowlton in his writeup, proclaiming Sean Brock’s Husk the best new restaurant in America in 2011.

Money quote: “Brock isn’t reinventing Southern food or attempting to create some citified version of it. He’s trying to re-create the food his grandma knew—albeit with the skill and resources of a modern chef. As a result, he (and Husk) has become a torchbearer for an honest style of home cooking that many of us never truly tasted until now.”

Husk tops a list of hip new eateries from across the country in hot cities like Austin, Seattle, LA, and San Francisco. Starting to look like Brock is unstoppable.

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