Who: The Have Nots! — Brandy Sullivan, Timmy Finch, and Greg Tavares — are Charleston’s merry pranksters, who have given birth to some healthy offspring, including Laugh for a Lincoln, Improv Freight Train, and Mary Kay Has a Posse among others. These three have loads of plans for the future: developing long-running, scripted reviews with a theme and turning nonprofit so they can do more community outreach and rely on funding sources other than ticket sales. So are The Have Nots! aiming for greater fame and fortune? Nah. Years ago, yes, but now they are all married and Timmy’s wife is expecting. They just want to continue creating like mad. After Piccolo, they will premiere a show called Men Are from Goose Creek, Women Are from Savannah.

Favorite Lunch Spot: Without hesitation, Lana at 210 Rutledge Ave. The Have Nots! found their first “permanent” home on Cumberland Street alongside the old version of Cafe Lana and both were booted out into the street by their landlord. Each has gone on to thrive, and they continue to share a strong bond. It doesn’t hurt that this restaurant has a gorgeous, sunlit interior with delectable food at reasonable prices and outstanding service. Tall, dark, and serious Drazen Romic, a Bosnian, is a hands-on owner.

Favorite Dishes: Greg perks up over the pasta puttanesca, lemon sorbet inside a hollowed-out lemon, and tiramisu. Timmy relishes the panini (“better than any served at any other restaurant”), the salads and house dressing, and the cinnamon ice cream. Brandy favors the panini, too, particularly the barbecue chicken and the prosciutto, all served with a side of potato salad. Lana serves a weekday lunch and dinner nightly (except for Sundays). —Roy Freedman