[image-1] Through the use of IV therapy and affordable care, Renew Medical Spa covers everything from a relentless hangover to a sore throat. (If you haven’t read our hangover IV review, do that.)

Yet gaining access to affordable health care continues to be a pressing issue for many Americans. This is particularly true for small business owners, food and beverage workers, and their families. That’s why Renew Medical Spa has launched a new plan that ensures health care is not solely a luxury.

“We want to serve the employers that provide jobs/careers to the many people that serve our local community so well,” says co-executive director Frank Wells. “Our $25/month unlimited plan allows employers to provide true heathcare to their employees, and their families.”

The $25 plan includes access to a doctor/new patient evaluation, strep throat and flu swabs (UA), up to 2 injections (+$10), written Rxs, and basic urgent care services (no x-rays) that cover sore throat, cough, congestion, UTIs, etc., without a copay or deductible.

The only exclusions in the new service are narcotics, controlled substances, surgeries, and the sending of blood and lab tests. Laceration care is offered for an additional cost; a small price to pay when helping combat the rising cost of basic health care.

For more details on services and how to get in touch, visit renewmedicalcare.com. [location-1]