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Best Tacos, Best Folly Beach Restaurant 
Taco Boy

Taco Boy has steadily built a reputation as a favorite spot for tacos and margs since it opened in 2006 with growth and change in mind. 

“We are very intentional about keeping the brand relevant,” said founder Karalee Nielsen Fallert. “Restaurants are a living entity. If you’re not growing, you’re dying. So for us, besides opening new locations — which we’re doing soon — to stay relevant and to be vital is to be constantly trying to improve what we’re doing. We are always looking for better products, whether it’s a better tortilla or better salsas.” 

Yet the vision behind the place is connected to something much bigger. Fallert’s approach to the restaurant business focuses on enriching surrounding neighborhood communities through initiatives like the Green Heart Project launched in 2009. Today, Green Heart creates opportunities for food cultivation and nutrition education across 18 schools and around 5,500 K-12 students. 

For Fallert, it’s all connected.

“If we create more restaurants, we are able to give other people more opportunities to become owners and create financial mobility for our team members and stability for those who need it. To me that’s a motivating factor: to create an impact in our community.”

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