Ice? Snow? It’ll depend on where you live in South Carolina, but a winter storm is expected to sweep through Saturday night, possibly bringing 2 inches of snow or more north of Interstate 85. The Charleston area could see some ice, while the Midlands is bracing for lots more ice and possible snow. More: WYFFSpartanburg Herald-JournalThe StateThe Post and Courier

In other headlines:

Latest school voucher push debated on state Senate panel. A Senate panel has begun debate on a new proposal looking to send South Carolina parents $7,000 yearly for private K-12 education. More: The Post and CourierWCSC

Republicans liked this anti-LGBTQ bill until they saw it could impact unvaccinated. A bill aiming to protect doctors and other medical professionals from being fired, demoted or sued if they refuse to provide non-emergency services to which they morally object — and also allow for conversion therapy in the state — is now stalled over concerns it could backfire on COVID-mandate opponents who are not vaccinated. Meanwhile, South Carolina conservatives are jumping into anti-LGBTQ culture wars, identifying the issue as a top priority in 2022. More: The Post and Courier

S.C. House advances Republican-favoring congressional map. South Carolina’s First Congressional District is looking a little safer for Republican incumbent Rep. Nancy Mace after the House approved a version that would move the district from leaning Republican back into a Republican stronghold. More: The StateThe Post and Courier

State senators debate state law requiring state permission for hospital expansion. South Carolina senators began a debate Wednesday over whether to wipe a state law requiring hospitals and medical clinics to receive state permission to expand. The Certificate of Need program first sought to distribute medical care around the state, but supporters of a bill that would end the program said it is no longer needed. More: AP NewsThe StateThe Post and Courier

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