Have you ever had that feeling? That feeling like there’s no reason you can’t get up there and sing “Walkin’ in Memphis” better than any other jerk in this bar. Forget about last time. “Black Velvet” was a bad choice anyway. This is a new day. Do you really feel the way I feel?

Well, after last night, nobody will ever say that at Art’s Bar in Mount Pleasant ever again. Because Grand Ole Opry member Darius Rucker pretty much ruined it for everyone. Thanks, Darius.

Stepping on stage after a couple dudes finished up a super touching rendition of “Time After Time” last night, the Hootie frontman and Mount Pleasant resident stepped up and belted out maybe the best version of the song we’ve ever heard. Sorry, Marc.

Onlooker Rob Lowe (not that one) caught the whole performance on a shaky video, but you can definitely make out who’s on stage. Darius might be a beloved Grammy-winning musician and all around good guy, but he’s also just a dude tryna get up and and sing a little song every once and a while. Not a bad little Thursday.

Of course, as with any karaoke performance, there’s an immediate mental calculation about whether you quickly submit another song to sing or leave as fast as possible. Darius apparently chose the latter, to disappear into the night. But probably not for the same reasons we would.

Cover photo by Flickr user townsquare