[image-2] Frothy Beard Brewing co-owner Wesley Donehue confirmed Monday afternoon that he is in the process of leaving the company.

On Fri. May 17, Frothy Beard issued an apology on Facebook after Donehue posted on Facebook and Twitter, reacting to sentiment that Alabama’s recent abortion ban is a result of not enough women running for office. “We need more women running for office,” Donehue wrote. “Until then, men will and should control legislative bodies.”

On social media, some suggested a boycott of the West Ashley brewery or characterized Donehue’s words as “misogynistic” and “transphobic.”

Co-owner and founder Joey Siconolfi told us earlier today that “me, Michael, Steve, and Wesley are all on the same page, he would like to leave the company.”

In an email Donehue writes, “I want out after all this. I just have to figure out things financially. I’m already working on it.” A political and communications consultant by trade, Donehue was introduced as a new Frothy Beard partner in February 2016.

Siconolfi says that on Sunday, Frothy held a staff meeting with owners and employees who were able to attend. “We wanted to see how they feel, talk about it as a group,” says Siconolfi. He also said that the brewery is planning on hosting a forum/workshop some time next week with community leaders, including AFFA. “We want to see how we can repair the damage,” says Siconolfi. “We want to get this right.”