The differences between the religions seem awfully minor to me and certainly not worth killing over. Sure, killing over religion has a long history. But so does bestiality. And in both cases, it is simply time to stop. “Religions” that murder and intercourse with a goat make all of us seem both dim and cruel.

C’mon, what are we fighting over with religion? All this killing is giving religion and spirituality a bad name. Please lets stop. The spiritual music of “Yanni” is doing enough damage without thousands of years of murder.

Lets find the common ground and all live in peace.

Judaism, Christianity and Islam all worship the same monotheistic, all powerful God. Just this fact should keep us all getting along until the Sun explodes.

We are all tied to each other. We all need each other. Without Judaism, there would be no Christianity, as Jesus was a Jew, and without Christianity, there would be no Islam.

And there is so much division even within the religions. Sunni’s don’t like Shites in the Middle East, Catholics don’t like Protestants in Ireland, and Orthodox Jews don’t like Reformed Jews everywhere.

Me, I like everyone. And I love Jesus.

Some people are surprised to hear that from a “Jew”. But I love Jesus. Most sincerely and with all my heart.

Hey, what’s not to love about Jesus? We can debate all day about whether He is God and whether this is a “saved” world we inhabit. But there is no getting around the fact that Jesus is a very good role model. And a role model that I use myself. And although I am certainly not the direct Son of God and have done many bad things in my life (such as breaking a heart or two)…Jesus and I have similarities both minor and major that make me proud.


1- Taught peace. I try very hard to live peace and teach peace.

2- Traveled without money. I try to carry no money. For which, I often must apologize to street people.

3- Encouraged the downtrodden. I encourage street people to quit drugs and find a job.

4- Broke bread with the poor. I often buy a meal for the poor…paid with a debit card because I “carry” no money.

5- Associated with whores and drug dealers. Hey, I was a nightclub comedian and they are impossible to ignore. Like Jesus, I abstained from both street whores and drug dealers.


6- Had a trade but never a “career”. Likewise.

7- Loved his Mother and Father. Ditto.

8- Hated by the Romans. Hated by the Greeks…in College. Mostly, Pi Kaps and Kappa Kappa Kappa’s. Those darn KKK’s.

9- Showed great composure under pressure. He never backed down in his beliefs even while being crucified. ME- Well, I cry when I can’t find one of my many stuffed animals.

10- Jesus died for our sins. I have died spiritually and comedically in nightclubs, converted discos and honey tonks from Quincy, Massachusetts to Ozark, Alabama.

Sincerely, most sincerely, with no “joking” around for a minute, look at all that was written about Jesus and they are the most admirable traits of humanity and God. All of the traits that I am about to list have been attributed to Jesus. And they traits that I desire in myself and my child. According to the Bible, Jesus was “just”, “guileless”, “innocent”, “gentle”, “merciful” and “forgiving”.

Don’t we all need these traits? I would like to be more “guileless” and “forgiving” today.

And it appears that Jesus was subject to human emotions. Jesus was human.

There is a group called “Jews for Jesus”. I always joked that they worked hand in hand with “Prostitutes for Celibacy”.

But as of today, in the hope to unite a broken world, or at least create a more friendly world, I want to say that I am a Jew for Jesus. And I am a Jew for Mohammad and Moses and Buddha and Krishna and Jehovah. But mostly, like you, I am a person for peace.

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