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As part of our grand scheme to eventually dominate the world, the City Paper teams up with The Have Nots! and their extended Theatre 99 family of comedians once again for the Third Annual Charleston Comedy Festival this weekend.

Last year’s festival was so successful that this year we’ve added more artists, more shows, and an extra day of performances. (Hey, you demand, we deliver.)

This weekend you can choose from an all-new smorgasbord of top comedic talent from across the country: Comedy Central regular Aziz Ansari brings his rapidly rising star to the American Theater, while New York’s Upright Citizens Brigade serves up two heaping helpings of talent: their TourCo’s “Buffoons & 4 Dudes,” as well as Julie Klausner and Sue Galloway’s slyly subversive ’70s sketch show Free To Be Friends. New York also provides us top sketch troupe Elephant Larry, while Atlanta once again yields up its masters of improv, Dad’s Garage Theatre. Boston’s wildly successful Late Night Players have more sketch comedy in mind, and North Carolina kids Dirty South Improv will show us how they do it in Carrboro. And of course we’ve got bucketloads of our own homegrown talent on tap, with the Theatre 99 family’s Improv Freight Train and Big Dicktionary, as well as two special shows dedicated to local stand-up artists and sketch writers and a pair of performance mashups featuring all the artists. And every show’s within easy walking distance of another one.

Last year’s Ha Ha Hut just wasn’t big enough to accommodate everyone who wanted to share a beer with the artists after the shows (plus we spilled wine all over the couch). So this year we’ve partnered with three King Street watering holes for a trio of evening afterparties: King Street Grille (Thursday), Mellow Mushroom (Friday), and Charleston Beer Works (Saturday). We’ll be there all night, between and during performances, and we hope you’ll stop by and join us. Spill whatever you want wherever you like.

Remember, none of the three performance venues is arena-sized, and shows will probably sell out quickly, particularly on Friday and Saturday nights. So you shouldn’t count on getting tickets at the door. You can buy them in advance at (see the info at right) or avoid the service charge by buying them in person at Theatre 99 between 11 a.m.-3 p.m. anytime this week.

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