Steve Hit Mike
Twelve Feet Under

These North Area classic-punk revivalists strike a loud chord or four on their recently-released, five-song EP, Twelve Feet Under. Lead singer and guitarist Jeff Riddle, drummer Brian Cochran, guitarist Chris Love, and bassist Jamie Simpson recorded this tuneful blitzkrieg at Fusion 5 Studio. The majestic-sounding (despite its title) opener “Applesauce Enema” and darkly-themed “Steak Knife” borrow a few melodic guitar lines and drum rhythms from some of the more guitar-heavy late-’70s punk and new wave acts. The title track draws from the same four-chord, no-nonsense sounds. “Goddammit” is a near-perfect punk anthem. Altogether, Twelve Feet Under carries on with a healthy and grim sense of humor, proficiency, and energy. —TBL

A Decent Animal
The Rabbit Hole EP

This mellow, six-song disc makes apparent the notion that it’s not necessary for music to be complicated to be enjoyable. Richard Weld introduces the album with the bass line of “Bird,” and continues to implement the electric bass, along with Jonathan Nicholson’s acoustic guitar, to create a nearly haunting effect throughout the remainder of the EP. Adopting similar concepts pioneered by the more credible Tom Waits, A Decent Animal provide a unique layering of instruments and sounds that follows no specific rhyme or reason. Though embracing such concepts, the music remains simple, but slightly unpolished at times, spotted with dangling sounds and missed notes. Maintaining integrity with thoughtful, loosely substantial lyrics, Nicholson wails on songs like “Adell,” where the demonstrated fusion of his and Weld’s voices have chilling potential. The title track kicks it up a notch with a full drum kit and a jazzy baritone sax, providing a fair conclusion. —Jamie Resch

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