Who: Marine Sergeant Christopher Robinson. Sgt. Robinson loves to soldier, to hang out with fellow Marines and to sink his teeth into all-American cheeseburgers. I say this because after being part of the initial assault on Baghdad in March 2003, he “begged” his superiors for one more tour. This time he was Operations Chief for HQ Battalion of the 1st Marine Division, in charge of planning convoys. Currently, Christopher is in MECEP, a nationwide program in which a Marine sergeant attends a four-year college of his choice with the aim of becoming a 2nd lieutenant upon graduation.

Favorite Lunch Spot: Moe’s Crosstown Tavern, 714 Rutledge Ave. at the edge of Hampton Park. Sgt. Robinson says the tavern is a “common spot for active duty Marines to get together, especially on Fridays. It’s a good place to relax; there will be up to 8-10 guys (and gals) there at a time.” For civilians, the place seems to open when you need that first beer of the day to help you get numb, and it closes when you face the fact it’s finally time to head home and flop into bed. What’s noteworthy about Moe’s is that it’s the stereotypical joint where all kinds of people can drink side by side in harmony: college students and their professors, blue-collar workers, people from the ‘hood, active-duty military, drifters and alcoholics.

Favorite Dish: Without a doubt, Sergeant Robinson craves the bacon cheeseburger with a heaping side of French fries. He orders that pretty much every time he visits Moe’s. (That may be what he missed most while camped in the desert.) What complements this meal best is a cold beer. I tell him that in order to maintain his fighting trim he will have to run quite a few miles to burn off the thousand plus calories he is about to ingest. He nods in agreement. Obviously, indulging in bacon cheeseburgers and running several miles is just part of his standard regimen. As a Marine, he understands what it means to be willing to pay the price. —Roy Freedman

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