Word on the street is that there’s been a changing of the Spoleto Overview Critic guard at The Post and Courier.

A few months ago we reported that Blair Tindall, last year’s Spoleto Overview Critic for the P&C, had decided not to return to Charleston for a second stab at the gig. It seems that after moving to L.A., eloping with Bill Nye the Science Guy, and working up a film treatment of her salacious hit memoir Mozart in the Jungle: Sex, Drugs, and Classical Music, Tindall decided that Californication beats schlepping around Charleston for two and a half weeks.

Sources say that as of last week the P&C’s new Overview Critic is Joshua Rosenblum, a New York composer, conductor, pianist, and lyricist known, among other things, for his current Off-Broadway hit Bush is Bad: The Musical Cure for the Blue State Blues, a satiric Tom Leher-style savaging of the Bush administration. And he’s gonna be covering Spoleto for The Post and Courier? This, after all, is a paper so red they’d use crimson ink if they weren’t afraid people would mistake it for blood. The irony makes the head swim. But we think we like him already. —Patrick Sharbaugh


The readers of AmericanStyle magazine have voted Charleston one of their favorite U.S. arts destinations, according to the May issue of the art, travel, and design-oriented publication.

In three categories — big cities, mid-sized cities, and small cities — readers chose their top picks, with New York, Chicago, and Washington, D.C. rounding out the choice spots for big cities. In the mid-sized category, readers liked, er, Buffalo, Albuquerque, and … Pittsburgh. (Yes, you read that right.)

And among small cities and towns (population 100,000 and under) the top spots went to Santa Fe, N.M., Asheville, N.C. and — you guessed it — Corning, N.Y. Charleston slips into the No. 4 slot between Corning (are we even sure this is a real place?) and, uh, Sedona, Ariz., at No. 5.

Are we missing something here? Santa Fe we can understand. Even Asheville we can find our way to comprehending. But Sedona? Corning? Pittsburgh!? With all due respect to the sophisticated readers of AmericanStyle magazine, somebody needs to get out a little more.

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