After a morning session in Rebellion Road Studio with sketch outfit Elephant Larry (with bagels and OJ, thanks to on-the-ball City Paper intern Sarah Grasmick), this Spoletobuzz blogger went looking for some buzz at Marion Square on a Memorial Day Weekend Sunday. What he found instead was a steel tent peg poking three inches out of the ground waiting to ambush the next unsuspecting, flip-flop wearing passer-by who might come ambling past — in this instance, me. (If you’re the weird type who likes to look at the bloody results of such encounters, click here.) I’m doing my best not to hold any specific entity responsible, but it’s not easy — somebody seems to have undone a tent tie from the protruding peg and left it there in the wild green yonder, yards from any nearby tent, cleverly camouflaged by the early afternoon shadows. I tried to remove it, but blood loss had left me weak, and despite having a pre-med degree, I don’t much care for gore. Particularly my own. Whimper….

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