After a couple weeks of hardcore geeking (I may have pulled a hammy during last week’s wiki column), I thought it was time to take off the JarJar Binks shirt and get back to sharing a local blog and one of the craziest podcasts I’ve heard in awhile.

Kerry: ( Kerry is a webmaster, manager of an exotic veterinary clinic, voice artist, independent radio DJ, singer, aspiring guitarist, astronaut, prime minister of Canada, and winner of American Inventor. She’s got some good posts on advertising and how it is both causing and reflecting the degradation of our society (it’s funnier than it sounds), a dream she had featuring Rob Schneider and Heather Graham, and a quick synopsis of one of my biggest pet peeves — bad drivers. For example, here’s the bob-and-weaver: “…and this guy is forcing his way in front of you, squeezing in the 3-inch slot the car in front of you left while you weren’t looking. Now he’s in front of you, but does that satisfy him? NO. He’s already searching for the next opening. He will change lanes no less than 7 times in a half-mile stretch. Apparently, horizontal movement is seen as progress in his reality. Remember to point and laugh if you should pass him at any point in the next few miles, and don’t let him back in.” Give her a read, and let her know I sent you.

The Nate and Di Show: ( During Sweeps, television shows pull out all the stops in order to get the highest ratings possible. It seems that Nate and Di are no different. In the past two episodes (#83 and #84) they trip on Morning Glory seeds and record the whole thing. That’s right. They trip. On Morning Glory seeds. After reading an article in the Washington Post about this “new epidemic” (that no one’s heard of), Nate and Di admittedly help further this media-generated buzz (pun not intended) by taking us all on their step-by-step journey (ok, that pun was intended) from purchasing the seeds at a K-Mart to ingesting (and puking) them, and the trip they experienced afterwards. Before y’all throw down this paper and haul ass to the local plant store, Nate, Di, and I have to say: DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME! Especially if you’re under 18. On show #84, these ninjas of narcotics slip into an unoccupied car and burn a fatty on a dare. On a non drug-related note, check out “The Disgusting Sex Lives of the Republican Nastymen.” It’s pretty damn funny. And extremely disturbing…

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