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I am so very happy that it (the marriage amendment) passed, not because it is discriminating but because it clarifies the law and reaffirms the fact that marriage is an institution between one man and one woman. So bravo my fellow South Carolinians for being one of few states in this country with common sense and moral fortitude to do the right thing.

Mt. Pleasant


Ironically, the first Muslim was elected to Congress last night. And in light of the repudiation of you Kool-Aid Republicans like Graham in Congressional elections last night, who cares what he writes??? BWAHAHAHAHA…

Marvin Gump



I am shocked by the percentage of South Carolinians that voted for Amendment No. 1 on Tuesday. This Amendment is blatant discrimination against gay and straight alike. The advocates for Amendment No. 1 use only the Bible as the basis for this discrimination. What happened to the separation of church and state? In the 1960s the same bigots used the Bible to justify attempts to restrict voting rights based on race or level of education. Then they quoted the Bible when trying to block legislation to ensure equal education to everyone. This country has been enacting laws based on fear and ignorance for too long. I think that anyone who voted yes for Amendment No. 1 and has ever suffered from discrimination should be ashamed. Growing up in Charleston I heard many people say things like, “If you let them vote, pretty soon they will be taking over.” I have always hoped I would live long enough to see a woman or a minority in the White House. It looks like that might happen sooner than I thought. My new hope is that I live long enough to see a homosexual in the White House! Maybe the religious right has a few more in the closet with their eyes on the White House.

Carole S. Baker


The results are in for the School Board election, and among the winners is Arthur Ravenel Jr. Although the City Paper did not give high marks to Cousin Arthur, and whether or not you agree with his policies, he is in a unique position to help the schools in Charleston County. He can singlehandedly double, or even triple, the funds available to the school district, without raising property taxes a penny. All he has to do is sell the naming rights to The Cuzway.

The possibilities are endless. It might take some getting used to going from downtown to Mt. Pleasant over the Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge Presented by the Kia Sorrento, but it’s for the kids. Or maybe the public could get involved, driving over the Food Network Bridge everyday, and locals could win either a chance to push Bobby Flay over the edge or win a dream evening with Rachael Ray. Either way, it’s a win-win situation for the children as well as the people of Charleston.

Thomas Spade


On Admendment One

my hero weeps today, He came to give us justice

my hero weeps today, He came to give us love

my hero weeps today, we should love our brothers

that we should not shun each other

My hero weeps today

of all his glory he bequeathed

to relieve all the inner grief

to love each other NO matter what, NO matter who, NO matter how

Jesus forgive us for we know not what we do.

Henry W. Fincke

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