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Get a clue.. South Carolina should be so proud of it’s bigotry. It’s the Republican red states that are lowering the country’s moral standards and dragging us through muck and malaise, the red states that are pustulating with horny hypocrites, rampant crime, polygamy, crystal meth labs, federal handouts (The Economist recently christened Alaska “America’s welfare state”), illegitimate births, blimping waistlines, and future generations of dumb bunnies. …

The Republican downfall won’t stop NASCAR, the comedy stylings of Larry the Cable Guy, and intelligent design from being forced down our throats, but it’s a start.



Some facts: Cars kill kids and still we ride on them. Guns kill kids and still we have them on the store. Cigars produce cancer and yet we are surrounding by smokers. I can go and go, but I think you get the idea… we have so many things that are proven to be health risky and still we use them. The beauty comes when in this particular case, for the cellular towers, there is no proof of any health relate issue and yet we are so concern, people opposing to this tower is the same people using cellular phones, and we are surrounded by radiation everywhere and yet do not say anything. Am I missing something? Thanks.

West Ashley


My child attends CTMS. Please drive by the school. The tower is right beside the play ground. Ten yards is not impossible, it really is that close. If I had known the tower was going up, no way would I have registered my child for another year there. I am told the tower has been in the works for two years. It was erected after Mr. Hiers son finished the school and his wife Jill stopped working at the school. If he felt it was safe, he would have erected it immediately and not waited for his family to no longer be present on the grounds. The fact is that the school is not loosing money, but they are not making him any either. They can’t, they are a non-profit organization (I am wondering if Mr. Hiers doesn’t write off the additional rent on his taxes as a donation, I am also wondering if the Hiers salary themselves as consultants). Mr. Hiers received a very lucrative offer for the property, and he probably wants to sell it. His erection of the cell tower will cause loss of students and tuition, and give him an excuse to sell. With wealth and power comes responsibility and civic duty, the Hiers’ have certainly not lived up to theirs.

Mom of Three
West Ashley



Just wanted to send a letter thanking you for your coverage of this year’s election. As always, I can count on the Charleston City Paper for an unbiased extensive break down of each candidate and the issues that we are voting on. I find that a lot of the times, the local news stations and other media publications tend to twist the facts in the favor of the side they are supporting. It’s hard to get an honest evaluation of each candidate based on where they stand on issues, their qualifications, and intentions if they win. Besides voting for people who are running for office, the other thing that people find challenging is figuring out the new issues on the ballot and what they mean exactly. The yellow forms they hand out to you while you wait in line to vote don’t do that good of job explaining what you are really voting for. Thanks for leaving out the fluff and giving it to us how it really is.

Emily Stauber
Mt. Pleasant


My name is Phill Eason and I’m the drummer for local group Sol Driven Train. Thank you for your article on my “guru” Quentin Baxter last week. I’m honored to be a former student of Quentin’s, and I wanted to add to the praise he deserves for his long lasting influence on the Charleston music scene – jazz and beyond. Quentin has raised the bar for what a musician can be, not only in our community, but around the world. He is yoda, he is Mr. Miyagi. He is a dedicated teacher and a true master of his craft. Also, now as a father/musician, Quentin has become my role model on how to be a father and a musician. He gave me hope to continue my dream when I became a father. I can never repay the confidence he instilled in me. I’ll never forget the lessons I’ve learned from Quentin – about music and life. I’ll spend the rest of my life trying to learn them.

Thank you, Quentin, for your dedication to music and the musician’s lives you’ve touched.   

Phill Eason 

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