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So what you are trying to say is that because Republicans won office in South Carolina it makes everyone who lives here moronic and racist ?? (“Fair Comment,” Nov. 22, 2006). I mean that is what you said in the last paragraph, right? I’ll tell you what, if you really want something to complain about then try this one on for size: $2.6 billion. That is how much money was wasted on those stupid TV and print ads during the campaigning. Just think of what could have been done with that money. A cure for cancer or MS or AIDS. Maybe end world hunger, but let’s get back to the bigger problem that you have – that South Carolina is still a Republican state right? Yeah, what a problem, and as my daughter would say, whatever!

Mt. Pleasant



(Will Moredock) calling South Carolina a third world country and stating that we are bigots and homophobes shows some nerve (“Fair Comment,” Nov. 22, 2006). I am proud to live in an area of the country that does not hold your values or opinions.

Folly Beach


Mr. Moredock would be a much better ‘journalist’ if he actually did some research before spouting off on things he knows nothing about (“Fair Comment,” Nov. 22, 2006). The implication throughout his most recent article is that Mr. Chip Boling is some sort of racist. I myself have known Mr. Chip for several years. Anyone who actually knows him (unlike Will Moredock) will say that he is one of the nicest men you’ll ever meet (to people of all races). In past years he volunteered his time to coach a 4H wildlife team. This team, which I was a part of, had both black and white members, all of whom were treated with enormous care and kindness by Mr. Chip. Further more, Mr. Chip is a highly educated wildlife expert, not some “rube” as Mr. Moredock attempts to portray him. Next time that Mr. Moredock wishes to assassinate a stranger’s character, he should try talking to some people who actually know his target. For instance, had he talked to Mrs. Ellen Blanchard, one of Mr. Chip’s (black!) co-workers, he could have heard it from someone who would know that Mr. Chip is no racist. Oh, and I’ll take that wager offered by Mr. Moredock, since I know from experience that the Clemson Extension Office is not 99 percent white.

Tyler Huff
North Charleston


I was shocked to read of Toni Zotto’s blogging crusade against a local veterinarian (“The Revolution Will Be Blogged,” News, Nov. 22, 2006). Dr. Tom Sheridan has cared for my pets since he opened his animal clinic in 1997. Over the years I’ve adopted several special-needs dogs. As the result of pre-adoption neglect and abuse, they have chronic health problems, and I think it’s safe to say I’ve visited the Folly Road Animal Hospital more often than the average pet owner. When I travel, I board my dogs at Dr. Sheridan’s kennels. In all of my visits, I have found Dr. Sheridan to be a dedicated, competent, and compassionate professional and I believe the allegations of animal cruelty are false. I often recommend his clinic to friends and neighbors.

Dr. Sheridan has become a prominent member of our community. In addition to establishing a thriving practice, he serves as the consulting veterinarian for the South Carolina Aquarium. As I watched this story unfold as a “teaser” for tonight’s Channel Two 6 o’clock news, it occurred to me that he is paying a high price for his high profile. It is unfortunate that Dr. Sheridan’s accomplishments have made him such an attractive target for the media. I hope that when this matter is resolved, the press will provide an appropriate amount of coverage to Dr. Sheridan’s dedication to his profession and his service to the Lowcountry.

Nora Kravec
Johns Island


I am the proud father of Colin Flynn reviewed last week in your column “French Twist” (Cuisine, Nov. 22, 2006). Thank you so much! The boy loves what he does and honors the food. The reason I write is to congratulate you for your intuitive review. I could not have written that piece if I had six months and six English majors to help me. I salute you Jeff Allen for your skill of observing and communicating so well.

Fran Flynn

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