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In the annals of pro-wrestling mythology, emotional big man Daniel D. Lyon is often glazed over. Hailing from Wichita, Kansas, the notorious “flower wrestler” is remembered more for his tearful breakdowns than victories. Despite his shortcomings, Wichita’s own Michael Lyons and Tim Danderson are embracing their complementary nomenclature to resurrect the great’s legacy with comedic melody and verse.

Be on the lookout for a Crown Vic with Quebec plates cruising down King Street next week. The Montreal-based duo are heading south in Tim’s car because “it’s such a great roadster.” They’re faking the Wichita thing (and, okay, the last name thing), but they’re serious about pretending to be American. “In Canada we just make fun of Canada the whole time,” says Mike. “We think America is doing all right – it’s Canada that needs to do some changing.”

After wailing away their twenties in an “AC/DC-Poison-sexy rock band,” Mike and Tim joined the lip-synching group Never Surrender (who performed to sold-out houses at the 2005 CCF). “Our lead singer doesn’t actually sing or play any instruments. He’s just a really good front man,” explains Mike. “Because we’re miming it, we’re note-perfect.”

With the new Dan D-Lyons project, the two have returned to playing real music, with Mike on keyboards and Tim on guitar. The genre parodies demand that they ask themselves difficult questions to get into character, such as “What would Meat Loaf do?,” “What would Bon Jovi do?,” and even “What would Shaggy do?”

So what to expect? Tim’s the kind of guy who goes to strip clubs in Montreal (where you can touch the strippers), and only touches the girl’s face. “They’ll get really pissed off,” explains Mike, himself a huge fan of pro-wrestling, another pretend version of physical contact. The affinity sometimes finds its way into their performance – he recently dressed as Jake “The Snake” Roberts and served Tim up with an onstage “D-D-T.” “I’m very excited to come to Charleston, because it’s Ric Flair country,” says Mike. ” I get to go around talking to people about Ric Flair. I’m looking forward to that.” –Stratton Lawrence

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