The Chocolate Affair

Sat. Feb. 10

7 p.m.


Holliday Alumni Center (The Citadel)

69 Hagood Ave.


As the sweetest day of the year edges around the corner, Communities in Schools of the Charleston Area is preparing to host its annual The Chocolate Affair, a fund-raiser for drop-out prevention programs in Charleston County schools. This decadent event features gourmet catering, a full bar, live entertainment, and chocolate desserts from Charleston’s finest restaurants and specialty shops. At $85 a ticket, truffles and mousse won’t be the only temptations, with live and silent auctions taking place throughout the evening and more than 200 items fit for every budget — just in case your pockets are not as deep as the mug of cocoa you’re sipping on. The stakes are rich this year, with the CIS throwing a 1958 Chevrolet Del Ray into the mix, generously donated by Cripple Dog Hot Rods in North Charleston. With impressive previous culinary donors such as 82 Queen, Kaminsky’s, and Saffron, among others, The Chocolate Affair is guaranteed to satisfy even the most intense sweet tooth. Call or visit the website to make your reservations. SATURDAY

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