I guess you could call it a victory for conservatives. In a recent poll following Gen. Peter Pace’s comments about the immorality of gay people, Charlestonians were polled to see how they felt about “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.”

In 1993, Congress adopted a policy on gays in the military known as, “Don’t Ask; Don’t Tell.” Do you support? Or oppose? this policy?

50% Support

39% Oppose

11% Not Sure

My take is that, when you’re talking about civil liberties, popular opinion ranks right up there with narrow-minded military leaders. That said, I wouldn’t celebrate with 50 percent support if I were Peter Pace (with a margin of error near 5 percent).

In a recent interview, United States General Peter Pace called homosexuality immoral. Do you think General Pace does? Or does not? Need to issue an apology for his comment?

36% Does

61% Does Not

3% Not Sure

I don’t think he needs to apologize, either — at least, not to me. Sure he called all of us gays immoral, but that kind of frankness (without the use of the “f” word) is appreciated. When I’m facing bigotry, I’d rather have a line-up to look at than a nebulous cloud. —Greg Hambrick

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