Fired Up

I don’t think that banning smoking in public places is problematic at all. Smoking is a disgusting and polluting habit that directly affects the immediate environment and indirectly affects the health of those in the immediate vicinity. Smoking in restaurants and bars demonstrates disrespect for the ritual of eating (how can you possibly appreciate food and drink with smoke intruding?) and the people who surround you. Smoking is not a right, since it immediately infringes on the rights of others (the right to not have your health harmed). Smoking is the manifestation of addiction at its worst. People knowingly partaking in a habit that most would rather abandon if not for the fact that they are addicted. When I see a person smoking I see a selfish, weak-willed addict killing themselves, those around them and the environment. I don’t mind if they kill themselves (please do so), but don’t kill me. It’s not about the smoker, get over yourselves, it’s about those who want clean air in public places!

Frank Castle


One More Thing

We would like to thank Stratton Lawrence for the wonderful article about the WOW Kayak Expedition (“Off the Map,” with photos by Terry Manier, May 9). I just wanted to add our website information in hopes of others wanting to check out more on Lowcountry Environmental Education Programs. Please visit LEEP at or call LEEP at 800-732-9625.    

Ian Sanchez

Executive Director, LEEP

Graham High on Gas

I don’t think you have to worry about Kyoto at this point (Michael Graham’s “Happy Eco-Criminal Day, Mom!”, Views, May 9). Your pal George Bush has done a great job of it already. Or are you blaming the environmentalists for jacking up the price of gasoline 300 percent in the last seven years?

Melvin the Barbarian

West Ashley

Not a Fan

I am probably twice the age of your targeted readers, but I enjoy reading your paper. I grew up in the ’60s and I love to read alternative news; but I would not consider the City Paper an alternative newspaper. You are pro-establishment left, while the Post and Courier is pro-establishment right. Both papers seem to want the government to run everybody’s life. However, you are an interesting read and you cannot beat the price.

The “black eye” of your paper is Mr. Moredock. Being over the top is one thing. Mr. Moredock is off the cliff. His brand of tortured reasoning would make a liberal Berkley professor blush. Mr. Moredock has a deep psychological problem that is only appeased by lashing out at South Carolina and everything southern.

If I were a tourist reading his column, I would expect to see blacks hanging from lamp posts. I would also expect to see all the women barefoot, pregnant, and chasing half-naked kids through the streets. I would not be amazed to see gays and lesbians in stockades on Market Street. If I drove to Columbia, I would look forward to seeing special interest groups pushing wheelbarrows full of money up the steps of the capital, where fat politicians smoking cigars and waving Confederate flags would be waiting for them. Thus is the picture he paints.

Instead of sitting in the corner watching Michael Moore and Rosie O’Donnell reruns, Mr. Moredock should get out and see the most beautiful state in the country. He would also meet some of the best people in the world. However, Mr. Moredock should know that the city of Charleston has a pet ordinance. So, he should carry a large bag and a “pooper scooper” when he walks that bull.

Richard L. Wolfe


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