News To Me
You got me! After all this time I finally see that Will Moredock is a comedy writer. He has made me mad beyond reason and at one time I even challenged him to a duel. That Will or anyone else would consider him a journalist is rich! Keep it up Will, I’m still laughing.
Mike Bew

Smoking Mad
Leave it Charleston City Council to criminalise yet another small freedom. This week, the smoking ban in all city bars and restaurants went into effect, effectively telling bar and restaurant owners that they don’t know how to run their businesses. Once again cutting off their noses to spite their faces. Charleston City Council are a collection of do-nothing morons. A bunch of village idiots that think they can make themselves “feel better” by creating an entirely new class of criminal, the smoker. I don’t live within the city limits, yet their policies effect my life.
It’s proof that City Council is a corrupt and useless pack of politically correct myrmidons out to do Joe’s bidding. Whatever it takes, Joe, you’ve got your retinue behind you to do your dirty work, you don’t even have to get your hands dirty. Just have City Council (a bunch of faceless, nameless people in my book), do your dirty work for you, ruling by fiat.

The mayor’s office and City Council are as corrupt as the day is long, wanting to be as politically correct as Hollywood or New York City. Wanting to be “one of the first” in the politically correct smokescreen of totalitarianism.
I’m suggesting that every business owner who thinks this is wrong have five gallon buckets (in their outdoor smoking areas), with a two-liter soda poured in it, collect a bucket full of butts and dump it on City Council’s doorstep, as a symbol of protest! After all, they were too cowardly to hire some Broad Street shark to protect their rights to run their business as they see fit. If I were going to open a business, it wouldn’t be in Charleston, the uncomfortable position it takes toward business makes it monetarily impossible. I’m not going to pay tens of thousands of dollars just to have and maintain a sprinkler system, that may never be used, or have a bunch of assholes tell my customers that they can or can’t smoke in my bar. Another little civil liberty wiped out by paranoia and political correctness, something invented by the left to be a barrier to the truth.
Dan Haskell
Johns Island

Water bottle battle
I drove from Charleston one Thursday afternoon to Orangeburg to participate and film the day’s events, namely a Democratic Presidential Debate. It was sunny and water bottles were a plenty. A feeling of progress in the air encompassed the many news men and women. The candidates spoke with passion and conviction. They specifically mentioned the environment. But I left Orangeburg mildly disgusted and that made me sad. Only a few booths gave away water bottles, but everyone seemed to have one. At the end of the day they were all stuffed, overflowing in most, if not all, of the trash cans. You could hardly see the trash. Some were blowing away on the ground. I was amazed. Not even this. We can’t even make sure we recycle. One of the few things as individuals we actually have direct control over.
Democrat, Republican, whatever. I want my leaders in the world to at least notice what is actually happening.  However, much, much worse than the candidates are the individuals who just somehow couldn’t take their water bottle with them and recycle it in their rooms or to their cars and then to their recycle bins at home (assuming they have one).
To the candidates: The point is come up with a plan to actually attempt to create less waste while you talk about and support strong environmental policy. Won’t you, as leaders, remind us of our individual responsibility by simply setting the example?
Greer Farrell

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