Fire Fund Money Matters

The Firemen’s Fundraising was started to help families left behind for their immediate needs, especially those with young children to care for and put through college. Only a few have young children. Those who do will have free college.

We apologize to any family we may offend with this letter. This is not against you but for anyone left behind in such a tragic way. No amount of money will bring back those who were lost at the Sofa Super Store fire in Charleston. 

This was a real tragedy for the Charleston area. Police officers and firefighters put their lives on the line every day when they go to work. They know these professions put them in danger when they answer a call. While these firemen died tragically in the line of duty they didn’t die as “heroes.” What happens when the next fireman or police officer dies in the line of duty? There are those who are killed or die tragically every day in some type of accident. Don’t they deserve the same fundraising? These are all unexpected tragedies that leave families behind.

Each family gets over a half million dollars just with their 9.4 years of paid salary from retirement, insurance and workman’s compensation, and the $295,000 from the U.S. Justice Department’s Public Safety Officers Benefit Fund. They should get this. 

The amount raised is astronomical. The funds raised have now gone over the $3.2 million mark. Added to their benefits, each family will be receiving over $1 million. Why not use this “Firefighters Fund,” to set up a fund to help all families or loved ones who go through this type of tragedy? When we walk out of our doors every morning, we don’t know if some tragedy or accident will befall us.  Many don’t have insurance to handle all they will have to go through to bury their loved ones. They don’t get a million dollars to see them through the rest of their lives.

The big concern should be about our soldiers fighting in Irag and foreign countries. These are our real heroes! What is done for the families of those young men and women who have been killed and are continuing to get killed? Many come home hurt or crippled. They didn’t go by choice. They are serving our country in the military and had no choice except the choice they made to join the service. We have not seen news around the world of donations by the thousands (or millions) coming in for these families. Who is helping them? How are they coping with lost loved ones? How are they sending their children to school and college? We hope everyone will think of this when and if they continue to donate to the Firemen’s Fund. For every dollar that is donated, a prayer and dollar should be collected for all families of our men and women dying daily to keep our country safe. 

What do you think should be done with most of the funds that have been raised? Think about it. Pray about it. Write and let all the media know what your thoughts are.

James & Ann Denney

Mt. Pleasant

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