You know, there’s nothing wrong with slinging mud in the political arena. Most folks may denounce it when their candidate is being splattered with the wet stuff, but when it’s their politico doing the slinging, well, they usually cheer. So it’s always kind of disingenuous when a politician or a candidate says they will refrain from mudslinging, because, you know, chances are they will.

Which brings us to comments by mayoral candidate and gas station cowboy Omar Brown.

At a debate on Monday night, Brown claimed that the reason he remains a lowly private at the CPD is because he was passed over time and time again because he wouldn’t follow the unspoken rules, those rules being, when a child of a fellow office does something arrest-worthy, well, you don’t arrest them. Brown said that was something he simply wouldn’t do. If you do the crime, you must serve the time, right. And as a result, the powers that be refuse to give Brown a promotion. However, in one of those McCarthy types moves, Brown refused to name names and to back up claims of corruption at the CPD.

Today in a P&C report,  Brown commented further on the matter:

On Tuesday, Brown said that explaining whose children he arrested and why he thinks that cost him a promotion would serve no purpose.

“I’m not interested in slinging mud,” he said. “I could substantiate it as a fact, but I don’t see how that would benefit me.”

Actually, Omar, that would help you out a lot. See, without facts to back up your claims, then, well, you may as well be reciting articles from the now defunct Weekly World News.

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