According to an Associated Press report, during a visit today to Pawley’s Island former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney called the U.N. a failure.

OK. Not the most original statement made by a politician trying to court votes from the red meat crowd in one of the most red meat eating states. But what was more interesting was what he advocated:

Romney also said he would support a new “coalition of the free nations of the world and bring those nations together so that we can act together.”

“We should develop some of our own – if you will – forums and alliances or groups that have the ability to actually watch out for the world and do what’s right,” Romney said.

What might we call that new organization? The U.N.? Nah, already taken. NATO? Once again, already taken. Hmm … how about the Superfriends since, you know, Romney wants this new group of crime fighters to “watch out for the world and do what’s right.”  Lex Luthor, Brainic, and all of you other evil-doers in the Legion of Doom, watch out.

Seriously, I thought that one of the biggest complaints folks in isolationist loving South Carolina had about the U.N. and the role of the U.S. in it was that whole world policeman thing. Maybe I’m wrong.

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