The much-anticipated premiere of the final season of Scrubs aired last night, leaving things exactly where they were at last season’s finale: Elliot and J.D. are dissatisfied with their significant others and maybe probably going to realize that they can’t live without each other. Wouldn’t you expect something to happen in the season premiere? I got the impression they were just killing time. I think one of the worst things a show can do is drag out the romance between two characters (Hello, Meredith and McDreamy) — especially when they have as little chemistry as Elliot and J.D. If they can’t think of anything fresher to do with this final season, maybe it is time for Scrubs to die… or maybe they just should have thrown it in last season.

I don’t know if anyone watches The Sarah Silverman Program — as someone who watches it, I can tell you you probably shouldn’t. I love how she pushes the envelope talking about things like racism and poop. However, even I feel that last night’s episode went over the top. In it, Sarah’s dead mother was dug up and violated by contestants on a super creepy (ok, that part was funny) show called Cookie Party. Am I becoming a prude?

As for The Office, as usual, it was a great episode. Dwight spends most of the episode retreating into his second second life, but at the end of the episode, he learns that Angela may still have a thing for him. I’m surprised to find I’m rooting for Dwight, as he used to be my least favorite character, but then I realize how much he — and the characters’ relationships — has grown over the years. Last night’s episode really highlighted how the group has grown into a family, as they worked together to create the ridiculous Dunder Miflin commercial. I’m so glad that Pam and Jim are finally together — I don’t think the show has suffered from the lack of that tension, and I think other shows should take a hint from The Office.

All I can say about Ugly Betty is that I cackle with glee about Wilhelmina’s impending downfall. Also, I think the show is really starting to find its niche. It gets funnier (reminds me of early Scrubs) with each episode. But what will happen once Wilhelmina is gone? I can’t even imagine what direction the show will take. And Mark’s turning down an underwear model to go out with a chubby photographer? I just felt warm and fuzzy all over. And Betty and Henry are finally together? Yes!! Alright, that’s all I have to say.

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