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“Chef. TV personality. Restaurant owner. Philanthropist. Mother of two. Out lesbian.

Food Network star Cat Cora, 40, is all of these things, but it is the latter descriptor that still comes as a surprise to many of her fans. Although the celebrated chef has mentioned her partner in interviews since early 2005, she has kept a fairly low profile about it, often simply referring to Jennifer, 36, as “my partner” or “better half,” or using the nonspecific term “we.”

The Greek American’s official Food Network bio mentions only that “Cat resides in Northern California with her family, including her biggest fans, her two sons” and her official website,, mentions only her oldest son.

But in the Nov. 19th issue of People magazine, Cat posed with Jennifer and their two sons in front of a Thanksgiving dinner spread, making her sexual orientation known to millions of Americans.”

The article goes on in more detail about Ms. Cora’s family and culinary star rising, but all I gotta say is that Ray Charles coulda seen this one coming!

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