From Jay Ambrose’s syndicated column (featured in today’s P&C) concerning Jimmy Carter’s meeting with Hamas:

“You would think it just might creep into his (Carter’s) skull that even a remote possibility of benefit from his derring-do is outweighed by immense risks and that there are roles for the government and roles for the citizen and that he is now a citizen. But he clearly doesn’t comprehend all this — he won’t even listen when told explicitly by the State Department to keep away from Hamas — and you figure that egotism has done battle with rationality and won, convincing him that he alone can bring peace to humankind.”

Let me be blunt – Jimmy Carter is currently the only adult in the room when it comes to Hamas. Barack Obama (whose best quality is his foreign policy) dissapointed the hell out of me this week when he denounced Carter – for basically doing what he promised he might do (meeting with ‘enemy’ leaders like Iran, etc.).

Carter is right not to listen to the U.S. State Department. I hope our next President will also ignore the current advice of Condoleezza Rice and co.

You might think “it might creep into” Jay Ambrose’s skull that our current President is continuing a failed war simply to save face – which is blatant egotism, not to mention immorality.

I would switch out Carter circa 2008 with Dubya in a heartbeat, based solely on Jimmy’s willingness to meet with Hamas.

Read Ambrose’s entire ridiculous article

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