“Just when I thought I had written all I needed to concerning the attacks against Barack Obama over his relationships with men like the Rev. Jeremiah Wright and former Weather Underground member Bill Ayers, one morning I dared to turn my radio dial to The Glenn Beck Program.

Beck’s guest, colonel-turned-commentator Oliver North, said that Wright’s fiery language was helping recruit young men into Al-Qaida. I’m not kidding. North really said this, and Beck agreed with him. “Just how stupid are we going to get with this controversy?” I thought to myself.

North and Beck are not alone. Take a quick listen to Sean Hannity, Michael Savage, Mark Levin, and the entire Republican talk radio echo chamber, and you will find all-Obama attacks, all day, every day, as hosts offer the most tortured, guilt-by-association arguments imaginable. These hacks aren’t simply beating a dead horse at this point — they’ve buried the horse, dug it back up, and are now obsessing over the carcass.

Each host insists that they are doing voters an invaluable service and believe it’s fair game to judge Obama by the company he keeps. Fine. But why not apply the same logic to John McCain?”

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